Products & services

If you’re looking to give your organization a decision-making advantage, Bayanat has the solution. Our products are simple to implement with the support of our helpful team, and you’ll be surprised how quickly predictive geospatial intelligence empowers you to put today in the past.

Maps & Surveys


Earth observation

Capturing and providing Earth imagery of various types from SAR, Optical up to non-imagery. We provide this through unparalleled access to satellite constellations or our own HAPS systems.

Aerial survey & data acquisition

  • Integration of the latest digital cameras and topographic LiDAR technologies.
  • Experienced team in aerial data acquisition, photogrammetry, and data processing.
  • Delivering accurate and reliable services to a multitude of industries and business applications.

Cartography & visualization

  • Distinctive team of GIV professionals, state-of-the-art design concepts and visualization technologies.
  • 40+ years’ of expertise in the field of fine mapmaking and geo-information visualization.

Geodesy & field survey

  • Extensive array of field survey solutions, including underground surveying, geodetic observation, ground control and field completion.
  • Assisting clients in metropolitan and regional areas with their land development, construction, engineering and mapping requirements.

Hydrographic survey

  • An in-house team of surveyors, tidal specialists, data processors and QC engineers with extensive experience in hydrographic surveying services.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology for any application area.
  • Single-beam, multi-beam, and airborne bathymetric LiDAR systems.

Mobile survey

We offer mobile mapping solutions that concentrate on feature extraction. These include the entire built environment and external assets from a range of feature classes, like transport and traffic signage, street furniture, utility assets, vegetation and physical infrastructure.

    Data Products (DaaS)


    Digital Maps

    Leveraging our vast geospatial surveying experience combined with our advanced visualization techniques allows us to create digital maps of unprecedented details.

    Smart Maps & 3D Maps

    Combining our geospatial mapping expertise with advanced data management and visualization techniques allows us to produce detailed maps enriched with Points of Interest information and 3D visualizations.

      Digital twin

      Leveraging multi-source data management, location Big Data analytics and data visualization to take real-world data and produce simulations of how a physical object or system will be affected by changing conditions.

        Spatial data management

        • Decade-rich comprehensive UAE national topographic database.
        • Basic and crucial layers in the UAE’s infrastructure, featuring man-made and natural features and landmarks.


        A scalable and customizable navigation solution for public and private sectors that supports a variety of vehicles and applications in different traffic scenarios.


          Integrating outdoor and indoor wayfinding technologies to offer a seamless navigation experience in complex layouts such as malls, airport terminals, office buildings and hospitals.

            Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

            • Integrating various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand.
            • Helping end users meet their mobility needs, and solve the inconvenient parts of individual journeys.

            Map cloud

            • Offers a smart data visualization management platform in which users can upload their own data in multiple formats, and view it through a variety of interfaces.
            • Allows users to develop their own applications on mobile phones, web, or other terminals.

            Data Analytics & AI


            AI by verticals

            Our AI solutions are distinct to each vertical that we operate in and the specific use case. This approach allows us to deliver decision making insights that maximize the value of our solutions to our customers.

            AI insights

            Class leading data analytics/AI capabilities with unrivalled depth, breadth and understanding of Geospatial data allow us to provide unique decision support solutions to our clients demonstrating to them the power of Big Data.

              Space AI

              We’re working on advanced AI algorithms suitable for edge computing, to be deployed directly at the ground segment and potentially on-board of satellites. This will allow us to offer object detection and target tracking in the near future.